Knowing About Ausangate Trek for Better Understanding of the Trip

The Ausangate Trek is an excessive altitude 70km hike withinside the Peruvian mountains close to Cusco with a median altitude of over 4000m. Unlike different maximum hikes withinside the location, Ausangate isn’t always approximately Inca ruins; it’s all approximately stunning scenery; snow peaks, glaciers, colorful mountain lakes, and Rainbow Mountains. This trek is for you if you want stunning nature, going off the crushed song, and trekking. Ausangate trek & rainbow mountain 4 days is one of the maximum difficult hikes around Cusco; however, at the same time, one of the maximum worthwhile the scenery experience.

Ausangate trek & rainbow mountain 4 days

Things to Know

This is an in particular high-altitude trek and normally includes five or six days on foot thru tough, mountainous terrain above 4,000m, much like the Huayhuash Circuit trek. At those altitudes, the air is thinner; it’s far tougher to respire and smooth to tire. It isn’t appropriate for those no longer in proper bodily conditions, and former hiking revel is an advantage. This trek is virtually now no longer best for beginners.

There are numerous versions however a widespread itinerary is of five or six days. A shorter model should take four days (without going all the way across the mountain), and an extended model should last as long as seven days. Most of the trek is above 4,000 m and crosses three passes above 5000 m – the best is 5200 m. In the mountains, the climate can alternate rapidly. At those altitudes, temperatures can attain below -15°C and below at night. 

The dry season is best for Lares trek to Machu Picchu 4 days while nights are bloodless; however, the paths are dry. The moist season (November to March) sees the path muddy and moist, growing the chance of slipping.


The Ausangate trek is very popular. There are different details to know about in this trek, and this article talks about these details.


Are You Taking Alternate Routes of Inca Trails?

The Lares trek in Machupicchu is the most by and largely taken alternative to the Classic Inca Trail. Mainly, it incorporates a tour of Machu Picchu, even though you’ll take the train there instead of climbing into the citadel while visiting the Inca Trail. Lares is often related to the creative path as there are openings to interface with local networks.

Lares trek to Machupicchu 4 days

What is the Ausangate Trek?

Another amazing trek is the Ausangate Circuit. Tinki, a little village, is where this excursion will generally begin and end during the multi-day cycle. The Ausangate trek & Rainbow Mountain 4 days do exclude a visit to Machu Picchu. Thus, if you want to incorporate a tour there, you’ll have to go via train.

This breathtaking trail includes snow and Rainbow Mountains, lovely ponds, herds of llamas and alpacas, underground springs, and little villages that have held their traditions consistently.

What are the Two Most Challenging Routes of the Lares Trek?

The Lares trek to Machupicchu 4 days starts in Huaran of the Sacred Valley and includes a few steep trips to remote villages before culminating in Lares. The last trek route is periodically related to the Lares Circuit, and it’ll take you from Huaran to Yanahuara and will be a genuinely tricky route covering six days.

Like any trek piecemeal from the Inca Trail, doing this one desolate by a companion is conceivable, but this isn’t suggested. Continuously be careful in doing the trek because, without a doubt, when trails are apparent, conditions are reasonable to change genuinely fleetly.


Trekking around the Ausangate Circuit in the Machupicchu is an unforgettable trip into a great environment and culture. It’s shorter, however, like a trek in the Himalayas and the treks of South America.

The Hike of Travelling

Ausangate is perhaps the most noteworthy mountain in the Cusco area and is likewise a significant social place for the Andean people group. Consistently immense journeys are made to the mountain. This has been happening for quite a long time. The Ausangate trek & rainbow mountain 4 days is one of a handful of trips in Peru that offers the choice to ride a pony. Administrators will give the ponies, and additional ponies will likewise be brought to convey your stuff and gear.

Ausangate trek & rainbow mountain 4 days

Here are the top features that all of you appreciate on the journey:

  • Feel the otherworldliness high in the mountains and comprehend the significance of the Ausangate Mountain to the neighbourhood networks.
  • Notice staggering natural life and different species alongside neighbourhood fauna.
  • Take in probably the best perspectives you will at any point see.
  • Partake in genuine mountain experience and beat the test.
  • Structure your association with the Andean mountains and re-energize your energy.

Ausangate Trek and Lares Trek to Machu Picchu 4 day:

Day 1: Tinki to Upis   

Day 2: Upis to Pocacocha

Day 3: Pocacocha to Suricocha

Day 4: Suricocha to Rainbow Mountain

Lares to Mountain Picchu

A wide assortment of archaeological destinations looks for you on this visit. The unwinding opportunity arrives with the warm showers of lares. Mineral refreshing waters will give your body the energy you want for the other four days of movement and journey that you have left. Visit Machu Picchu as a last fascination, and there could be no more excellent method for spending an excursion in Cusco.

Day 1: Cusco to Huaca Casi Pass

Day 2: Huaca Casi to Patacancha

Day 3: Patacancha to Aguas Calientes

Day 4: Aguas to Machu Picchu 


You can praise yourself for picking a severe trip that compensates for its trouble level with valued sees. As you take in the perspectives and sensations here, you will realize that you are on a path that slices through the land with a place just in legends for other simple humans. Nonetheless, the wild and distant territory here will currently formally be a piece of your spirit.

We Make Your Trip More Memorable

Does photography fascinate you? Do you never forget to carry your camera in the backpack? Then Ausangate Trek & Rainbow Mountain 4 days is your trip. You will be able to utilize your camera in this route fully. If you are looking for a bit of getaway from noisy, stressful city life, this trek will bring you close to nature. You will get lost in the mesmerizing view of the snow-capped peak of Ausangate.

Ausangate Trek & Rainbow Mountain 4 days

Things That You Will Be Able to Experience in the Journey

Trekking between glaciers, furry alpacas, beautiful turquoise-coloured lakes and you will be able to interact with the locals. While interacting, you will get a step closer to the local tradition and culture. If you feel that is insufficient, we also serve you authentic local food. This trek ends in the hidden gem of Vinicunca, the Rainbow Mountain, or the mountain of seven colors in Peru. This route is also ranked as one of the Best in Cusco by National Geographic.

Lares Trek to Machupicchu for 4 days is one of the alternative routes we offer you to the Machu Picchu Inca site.

What Will You Experience in This Route?

You will be able to experience the beautiful views of the peak of Colque Cruz. You will see many beautiful clear lakes along the way. If you want to experience the unique cultural history and adventure while including a food facility, this is your route. INCA trail being the most popular route, you will see a lesser crowd in this route. Without any interference from tourists, enjoy the beauty of flora and fauna.

You will see the cute Llamas and alpacas on the way to Machupicchu.

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A Trekking Freak Must Visit These Places Once In Their Lifetime

Ausangate implies snow star, and this Ausangate Trek & Rainbow Mountain 4 days trek is truly one of the most shifted, shocking, and brassy in South America. Add to that simple access from Cusco and hot springs on the first and last days, and you have a fabulous excursion for your Peru trip. This Ausangate valley is more out of the wild, more emotional, and considerably less touristy than the Inca Trail, making it ideal for suckers of climbing and travelers searching for the experience in Peru.

Ausangate Trek & Rainbow Mountain 4 days

What Can We Do in Rainbow Mountains? 

This is a staggering path including snow-covered mountains, perfect tidal ponds, huge groups of llamas and alpacas, hot springs, and little villages that have held their customs consistently. It’s additionally moderately cold and requires legitimate outfits to travel.

A few companies will offer only trekking residencies, while others will incorporate horseback riding for part of the outing. Still, the path is excessively steep for riding in certain areas, and it’ll be vital to walk. However, you ought to consider whether or not you ought to do this if you have any actual issues or don’t feel like you can participate in steep drops or climbs.

The Lares valleys are still substantially less visited than the bustling Sacred Valley and Inca Trail. Lares isn’t only one excursion; however, the name of a progression of mountains and swash denes around the city of Lares. You would thus be able to pick the excursion that suits you. The most famous route begins in Lares city and goes over the mountains; it takes Lares trek to MachuPicchu 4 days to travel.


Where conceivable, each excursion should end with a good bath in a hot spring, supported by mountains and pools of various temperatures to suit all preferences. Local people routinely go to the hot springs in the pre-winter around evening time; there will be numerous others there. Finishing your excursion at Lares hot spring will be a great choice.