Are You Taking Alternate Routes of Inca Trails?

The Lares trek in Machupicchu is the most by and largely taken alternative to the Classic Inca Trail. Mainly, it incorporates a tour of Machu Picchu, even though you’ll take the train there instead of climbing into the citadel while visiting the Inca Trail. Lares is often related to the creative path as there are openings to interface with local networks.

Lares trek to Machupicchu 4 days

What is the Ausangate Trek?

Another amazing trek is the Ausangate Circuit. Tinki, a little village, is where this excursion will generally begin and end during the multi-day cycle. The Ausangate trek & Rainbow Mountain 4 days do exclude a visit to Machu Picchu. Thus, if you want to incorporate a tour there, you’ll have to go via train.

This breathtaking trail includes snow and Rainbow Mountains, lovely ponds, herds of llamas and alpacas, underground springs, and little villages that have held their traditions consistently.

What are the Two Most Challenging Routes of the Lares Trek?

The Lares trek to Machupicchu 4 days starts in Huaran of the Sacred Valley and includes a few steep trips to remote villages before culminating in Lares. The last trek route is periodically related to the Lares Circuit, and it’ll take you from Huaran to Yanahuara and will be a genuinely tricky route covering six days.

Like any trek piecemeal from the Inca Trail, doing this one desolate by a companion is conceivable, but this isn’t suggested. Continuously be careful in doing the trek because, without a doubt, when trails are apparent, conditions are reasonable to change genuinely fleetly.


Trekking around the Ausangate Circuit in the Machupicchu is an unforgettable trip into a great environment and culture. It’s shorter, however, like a trek in the Himalayas and the treks of South America.


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