Knowing About Ausangate Trek for Better Understanding of the Trip

The Ausangate Trek is an excessive altitude 70km hike withinside the Peruvian mountains close to Cusco with a median altitude of over 4000m. Unlike different maximum hikes withinside the location, Ausangate isn’t always approximately Inca ruins; it’s all approximately stunning scenery; snow peaks, glaciers, colorful mountain lakes, and Rainbow Mountains. This trek is for you if you want stunning nature, going off the crushed song, and trekking. Ausangate trek & rainbow mountain 4 days is one of the maximum difficult hikes around Cusco; however, at the same time, one of the maximum worthwhile the scenery experience.

Ausangate trek & rainbow mountain 4 days

Things to Know

This is an in particular high-altitude trek and normally includes five or six days on foot thru tough, mountainous terrain above 4,000m, much like the Huayhuash Circuit trek. At those altitudes, the air is thinner; it’s far tougher to respire and smooth to tire. It isn’t appropriate for those no longer in proper bodily conditions, and former hiking revel is an advantage. This trek is virtually now no longer best for beginners.

There are numerous versions however a widespread itinerary is of five or six days. A shorter model should take four days (without going all the way across the mountain), and an extended model should last as long as seven days. Most of the trek is above 4,000 m and crosses three passes above 5000 m – the best is 5200 m. In the mountains, the climate can alternate rapidly. At those altitudes, temperatures can attain below -15°C and below at night. 

The dry season is best for Lares trek to Machu Picchu 4 days while nights are bloodless; however, the paths are dry. The moist season (November to March) sees the path muddy and moist, growing the chance of slipping.


The Ausangate trek is very popular. There are different details to know about in this trek, and this article talks about these details.


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