Is It Difficult To Make A Tour To Salkantay Trail?

When all the packages for Inca Trail are sold out, then people mostly go for the Salkantay trail. This is a good alternative trek to Machu Picchu. This is the second most popular hiking route where you should visit. Salkantay trail to Machu Picchu 4 days is considered an important mountain god in the Andean region. This word has a lot of meaning, starting from like a savage, wild or invincible. Let’s check how hard it is trekking Salkantay.

Salkantay trail to Machu Picchu 4 days

How Hard it is, and How to Prepare for a Trek?

There are so many platforms that offer Salkantay trekking packages tours. These packages are mostly designed to show you the interesting highlights. This is not as much as tough to Inca trail. If you are at this place, then no one can stop you from joining the adventurous task. Here we provide some tips for the Inca trail to Machupicchu 4 days that will push you to make this trip. Here are few tips that make your trip easier:

  1. Get a Strong Back

Before going for a trek, you should perform such things to strengthen your body. Pack a bag by putting water bottles and the essentials things and practice. It will make your back stronger and make you ready to put the weight while hiking. You can also do crunches and pushups, planks to strengthen your core and back.

  1. Focus on Cardiovascular Health

You should also care about the strength of your leg and cardiovascular health. Try to involve in aerobic activities like cycling, brisk walking, and swimming. You can also try jumping jacks, lunges, squats, and many more to improve cardiovascular health.

  1. Stop Eating Extra Calories

Don’t eat so much and try to cut extra calories before going for a trek. Choose healthy foods and drinks to feel better. Eat more veggies and try local hikes to improve your balance. 


By performing the above things, you can make hiking easy. If you are a beginner, then you can choose a package according to the difficulty level.