Best Way of Trekking To the Colorful Rainbow Mountain

Day 1 – Stay in Cusco

Meeting for trekking, overnight

Before trekking to Rainbow Mountain, spend at least one night in Cusco. Therefore, we have already included this night for you in the block. You will spend the night in a colonial-style hotel in the San Blas district, just above the tourist center. All rooms are comfortably furnished and have heating and of course a private bathroom. The area is full of restaurants and small boutiques. Within a few minutes you can walk to the central square.

An employee of our local agency will meet you today and give you valuable information and tips for tomorrow’s trekking. So if necessary, you still have enough time to buy the last things for the next day. Go to bed early today, as you will be picked up at the hotel very early the next morning.

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Day 2 – Trekking to Rainbow Mountain

Transfer, Trekking, Overnight stay, Meals: Breakfast (F) & Lunch (M)

Hiker at Rainbow Mountain

Starting point of the trek to Rainbow Mountain

After a short night, you will be picked up at about four in the morning and drive in about two hours to the small town of Cusipata. Here you can fortify yourself with breakfast and then continue to the starting point of your hike.

The hike to the lookout point on the Rainbow Mountain takes about two hours on the way, the way back downhill is a bit faster. You walk at almost 5,000 meters altitude, a literally “breathtaking” hike, during which you certainly have to stop more often on the way and have to catch your breath. A physical challenge in which every step is difficult. But the effort is rewarded with impressive prospects and encounters. For example, on the way you can see the 6,300 meter high, always snowy Ausangate trek to Rainbow mountain, blue lakes and green valleys. Occasionally alpacas, llamas and local, mostly colorful dressed villagers come to meet you.

The hike ends at a lookout point on Rainbow Mountain, also called Vinicunca in the Inca language Quechua, which means “mountain of seven colors”. The colors are caused by various minerals such as copper or iron, which are in the earth. How intense the colors appear depends on the weather. The sunnier, the more colorful. Therefore, we offer this trekking only in the Peruvian winter (from May to October), since then the chance of sunshine is greatest.

Then head back to the starting point of the trek and have time to enjoy a simple lunch either served at a local restaurant or a packed lunch with your guide. Afterwards, head back to Cusco, where you will be dropped off at the hotel. The evening you can end comfortably in one of the many restaurants in the city.

Day 3 – onward journey

Catering: F

Travelers climbing the Rainbow Mountain with mountain panorama

Many nice souvenir photos – the trekking was worth it!

After breakfast, this module ends. For many travelers Cusco is the starting point for a visit to the world wonder Machu Picchu. If you still have enough energy, you can choose one of the different treks (short or long). But we also offer blocks where you can travel by train to Aguas Calientes, the starting point for Machu Picchu. Choose your favorite Machu Picchu device yourself.

Important information from our Peru travel specialists:

The trekking takes place at high altitude and can be canceled on site in bad weather conditions at short notice by our local partner. In case of extreme snowfall or heavy rain, the local partner decides at short notice whether the hike can take place or whether the accident risk is too great.

Trekking is not easy, and for those with good physical condition, climbing in combination with altitude is a challenge. If you are not sure whether the tour is suitable for you or not, then get in contact with us and we will talk about it personally.

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