Take a Look at Some Interesting Facts about Machu Picchu

Are you interested in exploring every little detailed information about Machu Picchu? This place covered so many Interesting, mysterious things aboutthe Rainbow Mountain hike 2 days that are still not resolved. There are so many historical places that you can visit to enhance your experience and knowledge. Let’s check the significance of this place.

Rainbow Mountain hike 2 days

Machu Picchu Mysterious Facts

  • Machu Picchu is considered the seven wonder of the world.
  • The mysterious fact about this city is there were no wheels used for the transportation of heavy rocks. 
  • The structures of Machu Picchu were built with the Idquo Ashlar technique. In this process, the stones are cut so that they can fit with the mortar. 
  • As per the people of Quechua, the Machu Picchu is known as old mountains & Old peak in the native language of Quechua.
  • According to the Inca tradition, the Citadel has two parts Hanan and Urin. Most of the stones that are used to build the city are more than 50 tons. 
  • On the Inca trail, most of the porters sleep with the shiny metal and object, mirror. The native people believe that it sends away all the spirits from them. Most of the guides shared that they have experienced the feeling of being pulled out of their tents in the past.
  • Most of the geology and archaeological experts try to find out the exact age of Machu Picchu but still they don’t make any report besides that.
  • Machu Picchu is South America’s most impressive archaeological which has the most glorious and glamourous locations for photoshoots. This is the best thing to experience nature.
  • Do you want to know about Machu Picchu so important? This is considered as the major tourist attraction of Peru, and that’s why people from all over the world visit this city.


Machu Picchu is known as the lost city of the Incas. The Short Inca Trail with camping 2 days is a mysterious yet wonderful city where you can visit with your whole family.


Know about all the Treks in Peru You Shouldn’t Miss In your lifetime

Whenever we hear the term trekking, we are just not able to resist a feeling of fun, excitement, and amazement as well. Clearly, trekking is an activity which no one wants to miss. Even if it costs a bit higher than normal tour packages. But there are some treks on which you should go once in a lifetime. In my personal opinion, I may suggest two such treks which you shouldn’t miss at any cost. Fortunately, both the treks are carried out in Peru.

Peru is a country with a wide array of mountain ranges and rivers which give in the opportunity of adventurous activities such as trekking yet at a very humble and composed climatic condition. The country even consists of one of the seven wonders, the Machu Picchu where thousands of tourists accumulate to explore and wander around the wonder. Who doesn’t want to visit this beautiful place? Two of the most exotic treks of Peru are the Anascocha trek and the Rainbow Mountain Hike. If you ever visit these places you have to keep in mind certain facts which may further help you to explore and enjoy the place to the fullest. Let us have a deeper look at some of the detailed specifications of these two treks.

Rainbow Mountain Hike:

The best time period which you should opt for is the trekking time for 2 days. It is very convenient as well as adventurous to complete the whole trek within a time span of 2 days. Neither too early nor too late. You may walk along the foothills of Vinucunca Mountain slopes during the Rainbow Mountain hike in 2 days. With a great height of almost 16,600 ft., you may range over some amazing terrains and may come across several streams as well as the evidence of Peru’s scenic beauty. The Sacred Ausangate mountain range of this trek offers you to see turquoise lakes, llamas, alpacas, and authentic diversity of the village livelihood, along with a great experience of this trek.

Ancascocha Trek:

On a contradiction to the previous one, this trek is most valued if it is covered within a time span of 4 days. Not only adventurous camping but also you may experience a mind-blowing view of the mountain peaks and its beauty. According to National Geography, this trail is regarded as the world’s best. The best part of the Ausnagate & Rainbow mountain 3 days is that you may experience the great Inca Trail and visit Machu Picchu through that route. Though you may return from Machu Picchu by Train in 2 days. You may come across places like Huaynay Pass, Muyumuyu, Paucarcancha, etc., with a total altitude of almost 12,300 ft.

These two treks are the ones which you shouldn’t miss but try to visit one at a time. So, in order to meet your desires and needs for adventures, choose the best trek according to your conditions from Andean Path Travel. The company facilitates with you the best deals of these exotic treks in an exciting way yet at an affordable rate.

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